Algodones Residencial Photo Gallery

Algodones Residencial-an Exclusive waterfront real estate development on Playa Algodones in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico. This magnificent development is located on a hillside between Marina Real and the Premier Vacation Club with frontage directly onto the Sea of Cortez. Playa Algodones is better known as Catch-22 Beach, from the popular movie that was filmed nearby. The views from Algodones Residencial are…..the pictures tell the story.

There are only 57 home sites available in this development. Lot sizes range from approximately 4,000 sq. ft. to 9,000 sq. This property is being sold as a lot and home package with lot prices beginning at $100,000.00 USD and estimated cost of home construction is $80.00 USD per sq. ft. of under roof area. You may select your own contractor. Minimum home size is 2,100 sq. ft. A variety of floor plans will be available for your consideration. Each home will be custom designed and many upgrades are available

These photos show the views from various locations within the Algodones Residencial development. Note the construction in progress and the magnificent views available in each lot with the development. Enjoy our photo gallery tour.

Location outlines are approximate and are for illustrative purposes only
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These photos are all taken from the property and illustrate the views, the beach and the ocean panorama from this magnificent development.

New Photos November 09

Beachfront Area

Club House

Blvd Los Algodones Lots 1-17

Privada de la Playa Lots Beachfront Lots 18-28

Privada Puesta del Sol Lots Lots 29-48

Privada Bella Vista Lots 49-58

Privada Lindo Amancer Lots 60-74

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